Competitions are held most Sundays at our range by both the branch and other shooting organisations. Morning shoots usually start at 08:30 with afternoon shoots starting at 12:30 through to a preferred finish time of 16:30. To avoid getting to the range on a Saturday, or in some cases a week day, only to find that there is an organised shoot in progress please check the Range Calendar page before you leave. The range is available for private hire by NZDA Hutt Valley Branch members and approved clubs at half and full day rates. Note that Saturdays are seldom booked to provide for NZDA member use.

NZDA Club Shoots

The club holds shooting competitions and all members are welcome to come and try their hand. Suitable for all levels of expertise, shoots cover field positions using rimfire and centre fire rifles. 

Other Clubs

The range is also used by the following clubs:

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