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The New Zealand Deerstalkers Association is a national body committed                     to the promotion of hunting as a sport. It's mission statement is:


"To retain, enhance and create opportunities for the enjoyment of legitimate recreational hunting and the sport of shooting, for the members of the association"


NZDA is active on many fronts of interest to the hunter, such as wild animal management, access and conservation issues, firearms legislation etc. The association administers national trophy, photographic and shooting competitions for members from over 50 branches throughout New Zealand. It has also arranged public liability insurance for members.

The Hutt Valley branch primarily serves the Hutt Valley and Wainuiomata areas, although members come from throughout the greater Wellington region. 


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What's New:

Club Meetings: 

Hunting and Shooting Sports NZ Inc are hosting a members' meeting with National Party M.P.s and candidates  this Thursday 1st October. Join us at Upper Hutt Cossie Club for a 7 pm start to discuss key election issues with Chris Bishop MP, Brett Hudson MP and Remutaka candidate Mark Crofskey.  

N.B. HVNZDA is politically agnostic and supports any political party or politician who will honestly advance its members' interests locally or nationally.

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