How to Add Eligible Family Members

Once your membership is paid and approved by admin, you can add family members (if your membership level allows) and if they meet the criteria (see below).

Adding family members is done in your profile. After logging in using your username and password you provided when signing up, click on View Profile.

Within your profile, there is an area called Bundle Summary. Underneath is the button Add member. Click this to add family members to your profile.

Note that all requested information must be supplied at application or no card will be issued. Also be aware that if your family member does not meet the criteria, their insurance cover will not be valid.

Criteria: Family members must be the partner, child or grandchild of a eligible fully paid member, or the child or grandchild of the partner of a fully paid up member. Family members other than your spouse or partner must be under 18 years old as at the start of the financial year (1st March).

The complete criteria for family members is on the National Website: is are contained in the national policy.

Please don't add non-complying family members as apart from them not being covered by the insurance it creates time consuming additional admin work to correct records


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