Using steel targets on the HVNZDA Kaitoke Range

We get asked from time to time about the use of steel targets at Kaitoke. The answer is in the Range Standing Orders (RSOs). You can use steel targets with following conditions:


Steel target

  • Centerfire targets to be placed at 50+ metres.
  • The targets need to be placed in front of a bullet trap so misses impact in the dirt and not bounce off the range floor.
  • They need to constructed in such a way that they slope down at a 15 degree angle, so any hits impact on the ground below
  • They also need to be made of a suitable grade of steel that doesn’t crater from bullet strike, thus decreasing the chance of ricochets coming back to meet anyone on the firing line
  • You must be wearing safety glasses


On a causal basis during the week, rimfire targets can be shot from about 20-metres. The clubs using the range have their own set of rules regarding using reactive targets.

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