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Notice of Intention to Apply Vertebrate Toxic Agents: Waipunga GS1, GS2, GS5, GS7, AS4 and AS6

15 Sep 2021 7:28 PM | Anonymous

Epro Limited (Epro) has been contracted by TBfree New Zealand Limited to undertake possum control in privately owned indigenous forest and public conservation land north of Tarawera and Te Haroto Villages.

Epro give notice of our intention to apply sodium fluoroacetate (1080) impregnated cereal pellet baits by helicopter and by hand.  We also intend to apply encapsulated potassium cyanide (Feratox) baits by hand.

This operation will be carried out in two phases.  Initially non-toxic prefeed bait will be applied.  This will be followed five to ten days later by an application of toxic bait.  The bait will be in the form of pellets and will be dyed green in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017 and the Hazardous Substances (Hazardous Property Controls) Notice 2017.

This operation will commence as soon as practicable after 20 September 2021.

Toxin warning signs will be erected at all normal points of entry to the area prior to toxic bait being applied.

A fact pack is enclosed with this letter: TBfree-Aerial-Factsheet-Waipunga.pdf.  It includes a map of the area concerned and information about the operation and the toxins to be used including the precautions that should be taken.

This information has been provided to you as a stakeholder or user organisation of affected land.  Please inform any associates, members or staff who may also use this area.  Should you require further fact packs, these are available upon request from our Taupo office.

Please feel free to contact Epro if you require any further information.

Yours faithfully

Mike Reid

Operational Controller

Operational Controller Email Contact:  control@epro.co.nz

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