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2018 WARO review -2nd Round fater DoC try to open nearly everything

10 Feb 2019 11:31 PM | Anonymous

Those of you who put in a submission in June will have received notification in December of a 2nd round for submitters. Essentially the DoC regions took submissions, made their recommendations and then the national panel ignored most regional recommendations and have proposed opening virtually everything using their self written Deer Policy to usurp the previous controls put in under the Wild Animal Control Act and Conservation Act. This is wrong but they are trying to get away with it.

The deadline for this second round is soon, 15th Feb. Hopefully most have re-submitted already but if you haven't the links below give some background on the changes proposed and a draft template submission - please re-word to suit yourself. Key things to oppose are the attempts to retain the invalid WARO openings of the Remutakas (83%) and Tararuas (18%). DoC are trying to keep them open based on the status quo despite that status being declared invalid by the high court. Akin to a thief arguing that they should keep stolen goods because they are in possession of them.

This round is supposed to only accept submissions from those who submitted previously however DoC have added in new changes so even if you didn't submit in June feel free to preface your submissions with their new openings provide you the right to now submit. One of the new openings the national panel propose is the Kaweka Forest Park.

Please feel free to use the draft submission emailed recently as a pick and mix list. Close off is 15th Feb.

more info via DoC's website


thanks, Gordon  

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