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  • 21 Dec 2016 8:24 AM | Anonymous

    Some of you may have seen the facebook reports of a helicopter poaching in the Ruahines this month (December when the Ruahines is closed to WARO). It appears to have happened a number of times, the operator has been identified by DoC, even witnessed by their staff. The operator clearly knew they had no permission so we await with interest the outcome.

    The helicopter seen 1st December was a blue R22. I am not certain if the helicopter seen by at least one DoC working party more recently was the same one.



  • 21 Dec 2016 8:22 AM | Anonymous

     DoC have just released the draft of the Wellington Conservation Management Strategy (CMS) covering the lower north island.
    The link to the DOC website page is here

    Link to the submission form is here

    This strategy document sets the scene for what can and can’t happen (e.g. WARO) in the public lands managed by DoC so it is an important document for all Park users and you do need to be interested if you value restrictions and closures to heli hunting (WARO).

    The Lower North Island Red Deer foundation is presently taking Court action against DoC over the 2015 WARO changes to the Ruahines, Tararuas, Rimutakas and the Reserves. Also occurring is a multiparty working group aiming to produce a deer plan for the Ruahines with the intent for it to form the basis of policy for the CMS with respect to WARO in the Ruahines. That requires the CMS to defer to the deer plan.

    Once the CMS is completed, DoC have signalled that they will get rid of the 1992 Ruahine Forest Park Conservation Management Plan (CMP). The CMP enshrines the closed areas in the Ruahines. Without it nothing would prevent DoC at the next WARO review (2018) opening everything to WARO year round with them noting the required consultation occurred during this CMS process. Internal DoC emails obtained via OIR’s have indicated a wish to open the closed areas as an outcome of the CMS process.

    The deer plan was intended to be the means to decide where and when WARO could happen but in the draft CMS it has no legal standing, guidance only – i.e. about as useful as tits on a bull. There is also nothing that addresses the matters of the formerly WARO free areas of the Tararuas and the Rimutakas. Currently the only thing limiting WARO is the low meat price, that won’t last for ever.

    Hunters need to get involved and politely but firmly note their objections and concerns and their wish for retention and enhancement of controls over WARO in all our LNI Parks. We need large numbers of hunters to put in submissions and we need the CMS to have controls that respect recreational hunters, the closures to WARO and that defer to deer control plans.

    Now the blunt bit, If you sit on your arse and write nothing then don’t come crying in 2018 when virtually everything is opened to WARO including all the currently closed areas in the Ruahines. You need to act now, not bleat later.

    So put in submissions and get your mates, wives, girlfriends and children to put in individual submissions, bulk numbers will make it difficult for DoC to robustly go against the will of the people

    Thanks Guys, Merry Christmas
    President, LNIRDF

    PS 1: we need more donations for the WARO challenge (see Red deer foundation facebook page) or use these details to make a deposit.

    The Lower North island Red Deer Foundation Incorporated
    Kiwibank account number is 38-9017-0707871-01


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