Personal Location Beacons (PLB's).

NZDA Hutt Valley Branch have a number of Personal Locator Beacons (PLB's) and 2 x Garmin Inreach devices which are available to current financial members of the Branch.


1. Make booking (Minimum 1 week in advance - contact details for PLB holders are in the newsletter).

2. Uplift and sign for PLB/Inreach and complete MSC intentions form.

We will require the following:
  • Valid identification (Drivers or Firearms licence)
  • Current Hutt Valley NZDA membership card
  • Details of hunting party, vehicles and locations.

3. Pay $50 deposit for each unit taken.

4. Return PLB/Inreach within 48 hours of return / collect deposit.

For further information, please check the latest newsletter.

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