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Safer Shooter Certificate Retrieval Instructions

For some time now anyone wishing to be issued with an electronic fob, to access the range, must complete the club induction course at the Safer Shooter website. The process costs $10 and only needs to be done once.

Proof that you have completed the course is provided via a certificate that is created once you have successfully completed all the modules.

You need to download that certificate and present it to the committee member when you are getting your FOB issued. The committee would prefer that you upload the certificate to your club profile, then we can always evidence that you have completed the training.

Some people have said that they lost their certificate and are unsure how to replace it.

All the certificates that you get issued with are saved on the safer shooter site under the email address and password you used when you did the online training. (If you have forgotten your password you can get it reset by clicking using this link https://safershooting.co.nz/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword.)

To get a copy of your certificate you can do the following. Open a web browser and go to this URL https://safershooting.co.nz/wp-login.php After putting your email address and password in and you will be taken to the page below.

If you scroll down you'll see the club's course.

If you click on that you will see your list of completed modules and the last module in the list is the certificate.

If you click on that you will be taken to that module and at the bottom is a button to download the certificate.

When you click on that, a copy of the certificate will load in your browser.

You can then save it to your PC or phone to upload to your HVNZDA club profile.

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